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What Sets Us Apart?

Ansari Haute Couture‘Quality thru Craftsmanship’

Margaret’s is Your
Designer Purse Specialist

Why is Margaret's Cleaners
continually selected by
Southern California's most discerning residents,
and garment and purse retailers?


Family Owned Personalized Inspection Proprietary Processes & Supplies
Crystal Clear Solutions White, Silk, Linen, & Beads Exquisite Packaging
Stain Removal Designer Apparel Specialists Cleaner to the Stores
Garment Finishing Unique Services  

Ansari Haute CoutureDesigner Apparel Specialists (top)

Some customers use us for all their cleaning needs and others only for their designer apparel. The high percentage of designer apparel from our retail customers and the commercial work we provide to the fine apparel retailors have provided us with extensive experience with the finest of garments. TSE cashmere knits, Brioni super 180 wool suits, Armani, Versace, Chanel, Escade, Zegna (suede, hand painted silk, beaded)and beaded are an everyday experience for us. But, just because we see them everyday we still treat each garment with the gentlness and attention they deserve and that you would wish.

White, Silk, Linen & Beads (top)

What can we say but we love them. Specialty garments really give us the opportunity to excel. Our whites are spectacularly bright and linens as crisp as you wish. Gowns and beaded garments are kept showroom fresh. You can trust us with your best.

Proprietary Processes & Supplies (top)

We have spent many years developing the techniques necessary to handle the finest of designer apparel. Our propietary brightening bath and process are examples. Additionally, each of our cleaning machines were developed with filteration requirements specifically to meet our standards.

When we are unable to find the supplies we would like to use we develop them ourselves and have them manufactured specifically for us. Our breathable sweater bags, specialty shipping boxes prevent shifting of a suit transit, and unique zip-up garment bags (that can be used safely to store a garment with a window to see the contents) are just a few examples where we saw a need and found it necessary to develop the solution ourselves.

Ansari Haute CoutureCleaner to the Stores (top)

Margaret’s caters to retailers... with its Retailer Alliance Service Program™. Margaret's partners with your favorite clothing stores to maintain their stock merchandise, assists with customer spot and damage issues, provides cost effective uniform cleaning, performs in-house training and conducts informative in-store customer clinics. We also take care of “shop worn” garments and consult on returned and damaged goods. We have been able to save countless items that were either processed improperly at other cleaners or they just didn’t have the expertise to remove a stain.

Margaret's has been successfully servicing garment retailers for over a decade and has a long track record of saving garments, sales and customers. Retailers we work with regularely include: Nordstroms, Saks, Gucci and Giorgio Armani. A continuing goal of this program is to save enough merchandise from being discounted or marked out of stock that the program pays for itself.

The program is maintained by our professional representatives who are knowledgeable in garment care and can respond competently to most inquiries. If you are a retailer and have an interest is setting up a program with Margaret's Cleaners, please contact us directly.



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