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Testimonials: Archived Testimonials
These are a collection of some of our favorite customer testimonials collected over the years.

Dear sirs,

I want to thank you very much for looking for my red blanket. It was so kind of you.

You will be surprised to know that my daughter, my husband and I all looked through the large stacks of bedding in our two guest closets and declared it was not here--just one blanket,not the second one.

Well, the other day, Catherine said--"Mom, I think I've found the missing blanket" and sure enough there it was on a high shelf behind some other things. All three of us had climbed up on the kitchen stool and looked several times, before I wrote you. It is almost impossible to believe this! but it's true.

We thank you for all of the careful care you give to our clothing. We think you are the best cleaners we have ever had and we've been married 55 years this August.

Yours truly, Mary Louise - Updated: February 23, 2006

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