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Margaret’s Cleaners Professional Testimonials



Testimonials: Professional Testimonials

Testimonials submitted by retail stores, designers or other industry experts.

The overall appearance of the store was immaculate. The store was neatly organized without any debris on the floors or smudges on the windows and doors. The parking lot was clean and free of debris.

The overall experience was excellent. I was very impressed by the professionalism of the staff and with the quality of the garments. The laundered shirt was returned to me looking brand new. The button perfectly matched the shirt.

The dry cleaning item #1 had a note that there was extensive spotting and "We've Tried It ALL!" was marked and initialed by MK. The associated risks to continue was damage to the material. I closely inspected the garment and all the stains appeared gone. I was very pleased by the outcome of the dry cleaning.

The dry cleaning item #2 had pen mark. Upon pick up, the garment was free of any marks. The appearance and packaging of the garment was exceptional.

The garments were bright and clearly very well cleaned. The staff was friendly and professional. Based on this experience, Margaret's Cleaners is definitely my dry cleaner of choice.
- Updated: April 5, 2005

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