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Margaret’s Cleaners Professional Testimonials



Testimonials: Professional Testimonials

Testimonials submitted by retail stores, designers or other industry experts.

The store exterior was clean and free of litter. The glass windows were smudge-free and clear. Inside, the floor was swept and the displays orderly. The store was very welcoming because they had complimentary cookies and coffee.

Ginger was exceptionally friendly and personable and greeted me as soon as I entered. She took my personal information and thoroughly reviewed each item with me, noting preferences for the laundered shirt. Ginger told me when my garments would be available and thanked me by name. Just before I departed, Ginger welcomed me to the "Margaret's Family."

I was pleased with the dry cleaning service and care given to my garments. The pieces were carefully hung and individually wrapped in plastic.

The drycleaning service was very personalized with extra care and service. I was happy with the outcome and would trust the cleaners with my most valuable items.
- Updated: April 5, 2005

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