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Margaret’s Cleaners Professional Testimonials


Testimonials: Professional Testimonials
Testimonials submitted by retail stores, designers or other industry experts.

Although you are a bit expensive, the quality is excellent. I wish I could afford to have you dry clean ALL my garments. — Laura W.

10+! Thank you for talking such "good care" of my clothing! — Ingrid M.

I send whites to you! You do an excellent job on them. Repairs were great as well. I give you a 9 because we all need to strive to be better. But as cleaners go, you are top notch! — Cindy G.

10+. I've only experienced excellent service and my garments are always impeccably clean and presented beautifully. — Linda K.

I've always received exceptional service. Will recommend to others. — Sharon A.

I work at Neimans and this is my first time sending something to your facility. My white blouse actually looks white. Thank you. — Barbie Z.

Excellent service! Thank you! — Jade W.

Please tell Chuck that sargaret's La Jolla rates a 10! — Cindy G.

Very professional and you exceed my expectations. Thank you for your great service. — Maryam S.

Excellent service and quality. — Alexis H.

Margaret's Cleaners always has done a great job on all my clothing. Thank you. — Rachel A.

Jackets are so well done! Thanks. I never have a problem with your service. Pricey but worth it. — Marlen F.

The cleaning service is superb. — Marianna M.

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