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Reopening quickly after Katrina, Metairie, Louisiana-based One Cleaners experienced a deluge of work. The plant's skeleton crew got by with a little help from their friends.
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and the surrounding towns, thousands of businesses and homes were damaged and destroyed, including dry cleaners. Just outside New Orleans, One Cleaners in Metairie, Louisiana, was just one of the cleaners hit... they were able to open for business three weeks after the storm....

They had downed signage, flooded floors, rusted machinery, waterlogged computers, and water-damaged clothing. And to top it off, only 13% of the plant's workforce could be located...(this small work force) set the plant in motion but were overwhelmed by all the work coming in...and the raw emotion they faced at the counter every time a customer came in.

,,,Friends and associates through Methods for Management and Leading Cleaners International (LCI) came to the rescue...Chuck Horst flew in from San Diego to mark-in, tag, assemble and work on clothing, while his wife, Robin, pitched in with alterations and more.

The Horsts spent seven days and endless hours at the plant, sneaking in some time to witness what had happened to the Crescent City....Horst helped assess the damage for customers, deciding what could and couldn't be salvaged. A newsletter he had written on mold proved to be helpful; he made copies and handed them out...

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