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Leadingcleaners.com is a joint venture of the finest cleaners in the world. Their purpose is to continue to raise the level of expertise and service provided by the finest cleaners through a synergistic effort of cooperation and investment.

The leadingcleaners.com concept began in the year 1999. A group of the finest cleaners in the country began to meet three times a year to discuss challenges and opportunities unique to what we called the High-End-Niche dry cleaning industry. There were seven of us that came from varying locations in the United States and Canada. We each serviced a similar clientel and experienced similar problems and successes. Through our meetings, it soon became obvious that we could each reach a higher level of expertise and service by drawing on each others strengths and combining our funds for the development of some unique concepts. We took our association to the next level in the spring of 2003 and developed a stringent expertise criteria for membership, began an invitation effort, launched our website, initiated the steps necessary for incorporation, and started to develop some unique packaging concepts. One of these is our unique breathable sweater bags. We have some other exciting developments in the offering. Stay tuned.
- Updated: September 22, 2003

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