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  • F.A.Q : Garment Care (General)

    The question of which detergent to use is an often debated subject. I do not recommend some of the more popular gentle washing detergents that are commonly available. A very safe detergent is old fashion Ivory Snow Flakes. This detergent is a neutral lubricant that is gentle and about as safe as the consumer can purchase.

    As a warning, not all garments are washable. Be careful in determining which items to wash especially if the garment is multi colored as one color may bleed into another. If you have any concern if an item is washable I would let a professional handle it.

    Assuming the garment in question is safe to hand wash the following are some basic instructions that will keep you out of most trouble.

    CAUTION: Never let the garment sit in the water without being gently agitated. Only undertake hand washing when you have the time to see the process through to its conclusion.

    I recommend only washing one garment at a time unless there are similar items, then only process a few at a time.

    Start with a clean tub or sink. Fill the tub with about six inches of luke warm water. Use only enough Ivory Snow flakes to develop a FEW suds when you splash the water. Once the bath is ready then put the garment in. Wash the garment by hand in the soapy water by gently squeezing and kneading the garment being careful not to work the material too hard. Always keep the garment moving while in the water. The cleaning should only take a few minutes, then empty the tub. GENTLY squeeze out excess water, do not wring.

    To rinse the item, fill the container with fresh water and rinse. Again, keep the item moving while in the water. GENTLY squeeze out excess water, do not wring. Rinse a second time if desired.

    Dry the item flat on a towel. Pat the top with a second towel to accelerate the drying. Change the towel if necessary. Do not let the garment lay on a wet towel.

    Good luck. Do not start your hand washing experience with your most precious items.

    - Updated: February 20, 2006

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