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  • F.A.Q : Margaret's Cleaners General Information

    We perform much more work and care to assure your garments are attended to in the best possible manner. Our prices are a reflection of the attention and effort we extend.

    For example, we don't just clean light colored garments seperately from dark colored garments we classify garments in excess of 15 different groups all requiring individual customized cleaning programs. With such classification we can keep the colors the brightest and the feel of the garment as the designer intended. This is just on the dry cleaning side.

    We have 11 different and specialized finishing stations. You can't get the finest results on an evening gown by a finisher if she is expected to produce khaki pants on the same station for half the day. Khaki pants are best produced with a harder press pad to generate a crisp finish.

    For a more complete answer to this question please visit the "What Sets Us Apart" section available from the home page.

    - Updated: February 20, 2006

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