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  • F.A.Q : Stain and Spot Removal

    One of the dry cleaners worst enemies are "invisible stains" like spray from a grapefruit or apple, hair spray or perfume. It is normally these stains that a consumer sees on their freshly cleaned garments and exclaim "That wasn't there when I gave it to you!"

    What has happened is that these types of stains are not visible until affected by the heat associated with the drying cycle or pressing. With the application of heat, the sugar of the apple stain carmelized and the oil stains oxidized making them visible.

    Dry cleaning in and of itself will not remove these stains and, depending on the material, some can be removed after they show up with the treatment of an expert technician. Some may never be removed.

    If you know of any possible invisible stain conditions on a garment, please point them out to the dry cleaner that he may flush them out before the dry cleaning process sets the stain.

    - Updated: February 21, 2006

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