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Welcome to FashionableCare Newsletter...

We are very excited about this venture and hope you find it of value. If you determine the information contained within this newsletter is useful, we hope you will pass it on to your friends and associates. Sign up for our complimentary quarterly Email newsletter by sending a simple email to the link below! Please provide your name, phone number and how you heard about us! Margaret's has a very strict privacy policy and will NOT share information collected with anyone else! This project and the emailing is performed entirely in-house!

Since 1953, Margaret’s Cleaners has distinguished itself as the dry cleaner of distinction in Southern California. Over the years we have accumulated the expertise and experience to be able to handle the finest and most challenging of garments and textiles. Within this newsletter we will attempt to document our ideas, concepts, knowledge and experiences in an attempt to belay some of the misconceptions about dry cleaning and garment care.

Current Newsletter:

      Winter 2006: "What's Bugging You?"         Click Here for a PDF of this issue!

Newsletter Archives:

      Summer 2006: "A Glossary of Fibers"         Click Here for a PDF of this issue!

     Spring 2006: A "Mold & Mildew Primer"!        Click Here for a PDF of this issue!

     Spring 2005        Click Here for a PDF of this issue!

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