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Margaret's Cleaners delivery representatives are experienced professionals. We take pride in the integrity and responsiveness of our complimentary dry cleaning delivery service.

You will see Margaret's Cleaners delivery vans at homes, businesses and offices throughout San Diego and Orange County, providing the finest dry cleaning services available in Southern California.

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Services Offered at Margaret's Cleaners

Drlivery DriverA full compliment of all Margaret's Cleaners services are available with our complimentary Valet Delivery Service ™. Please take the time to look at the Premium and Specialty dry cleaning services sections of this website as well as the "Search a Service" selection pop-out menu. You may find some services you never thought you'd find at your dry cleaner!

Margaret's Cleaners Pulito Purse Service™ which offers exceptional purse and handbag cleaning, and Factotum Expert Leather Repair™ services are unparalleled just to name a few.

Margaret's requires that each of our delivery customers utilize our dry cleaning services. We regret that we are unable to provide our complimentary dry cleaning delivery service for shirt cleaning or laundry-only customers. Any of our convenient locations will be glad to attend to your laundry needs. Please see our "minimum" section below for further details.

If you are not a regular dry cleaning customer and still wish to take advantage of Margaret's Cleaners delivery service, all you have to do is save up three pieces of dry cleaning and call to request a pick up. Then you are what we describe as a call-customer. This works well for the casual dry cleaning customer that still would like Margaret’s Cleaners quality and attention to detail for their cashmere sweater, Gucci purse or St. John knits.

Margaret's Cleaners Delivery Staff (top)

Our delivery representatives are all experienced professionals. Each driver has had extensive training in all facets of Margaret's Cleaners services to be able to answer many of your dry cleaning questions. If they are unable to answer your question directly, expect your representative to follow through and obtain the answer for you. You will have a driver assigned to your account so that we can provide consistent service. Don’t expect to see a new face every week. Margaret's Cleaners drivers keep an extensive profile of your preferences and will assure your needs are consistently satisfied. Margaret's takes pride in the integrity and responsiveness of our complimentary delivery service. We have been providing delivery to homes, businesses and retail garment stores since the late 1980’s. You can place your confidence in Margaret’s Cleaners.

Margaret's Cleaners Coverage Area (top)

Margaret's So Calif Delivery AreaWe currently cover the majority of San Diego County from Bonita to Alpine to Escondido to Fallbrook. In addition, Margaret's Cleaners recently introduced coverage in Orange County and we are excited about the enthusiastic response. Please call (866) 454-2375 to confirm our coverage area and delivery days.

If you are outside our delivery coverage area, please consider using Margaret's Cleaners Clean-By-Mail™ service for your specialty items.


Margaret's Cleaners Delivery Arrangements (top)

You need not be home. Margaret's Cleaners customizes our delivery arrangements to meet your needs. At some homes we are provided gate codes, at others we deliver your clean garments to the back porch, and for some we even go directly to the closets and hang the clothes. Our most unique arrangement utilizes a spare car parked in the driveway. Dry cleaning delivery orders are hung in a rack in the car and the incoming garments are picked up from the car as well, all safe and secure. Where there is a will there is a way! You are welcome to prepare an itemized list of what we will be picking up and we will inform you immediately if we find any discrepancies. We have a convenient carbon copy booklet for you to prepare your incoming order list if you wish. Otherwise, our counts will be accepted as accurate.

Margaret's Cleaners Prices (top)

Margaret's prices are the same whether you use our pickup and delivery service or visit our locations. Our pickup and delivery service is REALLY complimentary! We are an exceptional cleaner and charge accordingly. A 2-piece suit starts at $24.93 and averages $33.23. Shirts that are cleaned using our Del Mar Shirt Service start at $5.69 on a hanger and regular finish shirts start at $3.81 on a hanger. There are no volume discounts or coupons. A summary list of our service charges is available upon request. All prices are subject to change without notice. You may pay a little more, but your clothes will last longer and you'll look better when you wear them! Our quality is worth it if you really care for your wardrobe!

Margare't Cleaners Delivery Schedule (top)

We visit customers either twice a week, once a week, or on an on-call basis depending on your needs and service area. Please note than in some areas Margaret's Cleaners provides coverage only once a week.

Please inquire for your actual delivery days.The turnaround on some services varies. For dry cleaning we prefer a one week turnaround but can provide twice a week if highly desired. The following is a typical turnaround schedule. Items requiring extensive attention may take longer. Please inform your delivery representative if any item is required on a specific delivery day.

Dry Cleaning   One week
Shirt Laundry Service   Twice a week
Bed Linen Cleaning   One week
Table Linen Cleaning   Two weeks
Other Household Cleaning   Two weeks
Leather & Suede Service   Three weeks
Knit Reweaving   Four weeks

Margaret's Cleaners Delivery Minimums (top)

For our ON-CALL service we request a minimum of three dry cleaning pieces to schedule a pick up. (NOTE: Those three pieces must be items OTHER THAN shirts for our regular or Del Mar Shirt Laundry or items for our Economy Linen Service). French Laundry, Household and other items qualify to meet the minimum. For our regularly scheduled once or twice-a-week customers we request an average of 3 pieces of dry cleaning weekly. There is no fee for pick up and delivery. We do require that each of our delivery customers be dry cleaning customers. We regret that we are unable to provide our free delivery service for shirt or laundry only customers.

If you are not a regular dry cleaning customer and still wish to take advantage of Margaret's Cleaners complimentary On-Call delivery service, all you have to do is save up three pieces of dry cleaning and call to request a pick up. This works well for the casual dry cleaning customer who still would like Margaret’s Cleaners attention to detail for their cashmere sweater and St. John garments.

Margaret's Cleaners Payment Options (top)

We offer 4 convenient methods of payment:

  • COD — cash or check upon delivery
  • Standard Monthly Statement — Margaret's Cleaners sends a monthly statement. Upon receipt our customer issues a check or on-line payment. This house account is secured with a credit card we keep on file.
  • Credit Card Payment with a Monthly Statement — Margaret's Cleaners makes a single monthly charge to a predetermined credit card and we then send you a monthly statement so you know how much was charged to your card.
  • Card on File — Following each delivery to you, a credit card transaciton is posted to your card on file. No monthly statements are available with this option.

Margaret's Cleaners preferred payment method is either of the credit card options. Please print out a copy of our Charge Account Application and either fax it to our corporate office at (858) 454-4303 or give it to your delivery representative.

Margaret's Cleaners Delivery Application (top)

Coming soon.

Margaret's Cleaners Delivery Request (top)

Just send an email to Margaret's Delivery Request to request a pick-up.

Margarets's Cleaners Payments Online (top)

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