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Clean By Mail Box at door

CleanByMail is the perfect compliment to many of our Specialty Services, including ties, purses, leathers, suedes, sweaters, knits, and wedding gown preservation. We developed our own custom shipping boxes for suits, jackets and wedding gowns, and carefully package each garment for protection during shipping.

Finding a cleaner to trust with your Brioni tie or Loro Piana cashmere sweater can be nerveracking. If you don’t live within our service area we would be honored to be selected as your specialty dry cleaner. We ship items daily to customers, many of which used to live in Southern California, moved away, and just can’t break the habit of using Margaret’s. Additionally, many customers have never been in to see us but were recommended to Margaret’s for their specialty items and regularly use our CleanByMail service

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What Can Be Cleaned? Payment & Shipping
How It Works Prices & Turnaround

What Can Be Cleaned? (top)

Packaged Tie

Even though we frequently ship all the services that Margaret's offers, some are more conducive than others for shipping. The services most commonly used are:

  • Purse and Handbag Cleaning
  • Bridal Gown Preservation
  • Leather and Suede Cleaning
  • Necktie and Scarf Cleaning
  • Knit Cleaning, Blocking and Reknitting
  • Hand Laundered and Ironed Shirts
  • French Hand Laundry Service
  • Table and Bed Linen Cleaning

Our Ascot Tie Service

How it Works (top)

French Laundry Placement BagNo prior arrangements are necessary to utilize our CleanByMail Service. Simply print out a CleanByMail Request Form and send the completed form in with your item to be processed and we will get started.

Note: If you wish to have us provide insurance of more than $100 on the item when it ships back to you, indicate the amount of coverage on the form. The cost of the additional insurance (at approximately $.65/$100) will be added to your shipping charge. Margaret’s will not be responsible for uninsured items damaged or lost in shipping.

Ship all items to our San Diego location at 5150 Convoy Street, San Diego, CA, 92111. The bottom right corner of the request form can be cut out and used as a shipping label. You may call our toll free number at (866) 454-2375 to check on the status of an order or email us at cleanbymail@margarets.com.

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Prices & Turnaround (top)

The actual cleaning prices for our CleanByMail service are the same as our regular over the counter or delivery service. There is no minimum order, however, there is a single $5 surcharge for handling with each order (not each piece), in addition to the actual shipping cost. A summary list of our service charges is available upon request. All prices are subject to change without notice.

The turnaround for items processed by our CleanByMail service typically take about 3 days of internal processing longer than our over the counter service as detailed in our FAQ section of this website. This time is in addition to the shipping time to and from Margaret's.

Getting Estimates in Advance

Margaret's now offers estimates via our webcam consultation service. Many problems can be seen over the webcam connection so we can give you a better idea of the price before you bring it to a store or mail it in via CleanByMail. Visit the WebCam Page.

We also have a Handbag Estimate Request form which is specifically deigned for getting estimates on your purses and handbags.

Payment & Shipping (top)

Clean By Mail Box at doorInclude on the request the required credit card information. Processing of the order will not be initiated until complete and verified card information is obtained. If you have previously used our CleanByMail service, simply provide the last 4 digits of the card you wish us to use as well as its expiration date.

In many cases we use a specially developed container to protect your garments during shipping. Each item is carefully packaged to protect the finishing during shipping. UPS ground shipping is used unless otherwise specified. Be sure to specify Declared Value for insurance and indicate your preference regarding delivery is not one is home.



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