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Custom Breathable Polypropylene Travel & Long-Term Storage Bags
for Protection from Dust & Insects
• Hanging Sweater/Closet Organizer
• Sweater Bags (3 sizes)
• Garment Bags (4 sizes)
• Comforter Bags (3 sizes)
• Blanket Bags (2 sizes)
• Purse Bags (2 sizes)
• Deep Linen Bags (2 sizes)
• Napkin Bags
• Placemant Bags
• Shoe Bags
• Shoulder Savers
SwirlSeperator OTHER ITEMS SwirlSeperator
• Tie Boxes • Purse Hooks
• Scarf Boxes (3 sizes)
• Plastic Hangers (3 types)
• Wooden Hangers (for Suits)
• Lint Rollers • Lint Refills
• Lint Brushes • Fuzz Bricks
• Fuzz Combs (Knits) • Hanger Retrievers
• Closet Dehumidifiers (4 sizes)
• Clothes Moth Traps (2 per package)
• Cedar Magic • Lavendar Magic
• Automobile Garment Racks
• Tombstone Shipping Boxes
• Bridal Emergency Kits
• Book: "The Ultimate Guide to Shopping & Caring for Clothing" by Steve Boorstein

If you are interested in any of the above products, please print out the flyer and order form in the PDF file link to the right. It has a larger photo of our lobby "closet" (page 1), pricing and sizes of each item (page 2), and a simple order form (page 3) which you can print out...

Fill in your name and your selections, then either:
1) Drop it off with your next dry cleaning order,
2) Give it to your driver with your next order, or
3) Mail or fax it to us and we'll ship the items directly to you

Click Here for PDF of the Boutique Wardrobe Products Flyer, Price List & Order form.

If You Have Questions or Prefer to Order by Phone, Call Margaret's at 866.454.2375

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